Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog! For my part this project has been a labor of love for over a decade; and for those who have encouraged and supported its creation—a labor of patience! The genesis for the website is the daily emails and telephone calls I receive from advisers across a variety of disciplines: accounting, estate planning, investment and risk management, and private banking from across the country. Each one asking, “How does my solution affect the other disciplines?”

My natural curiosity and desire for knowledge encouraged me to chase the “rabbits” and find answers for other advisers. The results of the research have been codified into our Continuing education events, Platform Presentations, Live Reviews for CPA/PFS’s and CFPs®, Curricula for universities and online providers of financial planning curriculum.

While this website is primarily for Advisers with questions about financial planning, I believe anyone seeking answers to their financial issues can find insight and hopefully answers that work. I also believe Advisers are finally beginning to understand that operating in a “silo” no longer works. They now recognize that recommendations for clients must be viewed across a variety of disciplines in order to achieve the best results and to “do no harm.”

What will you find on this site:

  • Regular blog posts by myself and other contributors, who are experts in their field. You’ll be able to leave comments that I will monitor and even questions.
  • My speaking schedule will be available and also tips on how you can be apart of my seminars. The topics, as well as locations and availability of continuing education hours, will be posted.
  • What’s on My Desk. I will provide an updated list of books I am reading, reviewing along with interesting websites I have discovered. Particularly, I will post the tough questions I’m working through.
  • Endorsements: from time to time an adviser, student or financial planning client may have an observation on how they have been helped. I want to share these with those who are in financial community.
  • And yes, there will be ads! It’s America and the entrepreneur spirit continues.

My next blog posting will address the question:

“Can you recommend a software retirement income analysis program that is unbiased, objective and not product-driven?”

A hint: Hewlett Packard.

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