Debt & Moderation

I typically begin a posting with a quote. Today’s posting on the need for, and the responsible use of debt, provided several challenges in the quote department. One challenge is current popular opinion which states that all debt is Biblically and morally wrong. The second challenge, and perhaps very revealing, is that quotes on the responsible use of debt, outside of economic circles, is very limited.

In our practice we use debt with our clients in a variety of ways: asset protection, short term cash flow needs, and as an investment. The ‘true north’ in the application of debt in financial planning is moderation. Moderation as a quotable phrase provided a more substantial harvest. [Read more…]

“To ‘Fee,’ or not to ‘Fee:” Existential Angst and the CFP Board’s latest misstep.

On rare occasion, I will go off script. I have avoided commenting on the “fee-only” controversy. However, the cacophony has reached such clamor I feel the need to opine.

I selected my homage to Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet because it is most appropriate to the matter at hand. In his soliloquy Hamlet questions the meaning of life, and whether or not it is worthwhile to continue his existence when life contains so many hardships. His conclusion is that the main reason individuals choose to live is that they fear death and the uncertainty, which lies beyond life.

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