“What’s on my desk this week?”


The CPA’s Guide to Financial and Estate Planning

This is the premier guidebook for professionals who structure, tailor, and administer financial and estate plans. In the clearest of language, the guide explains all the important planning concepts, and examines the most important techniques used to set and meet the financial goals of clients and their families. The guide is released in four separate volumes.

Susan and I assisted in the editing of this critical guidebook.


Financial Planning Competency Handbook

This is the CFP Board’s first book. It is a weighty tomb [85-chapter, 735-pages] and is designed to be utilized by a variety of financial planning disciplines.  The book provides a theoretical framework for the major content areas and real-world guidance through case studies.


The Freedom Letters: Financial Freedom the American Way

Oh my!  This book began as a primer for Gene and Robin’s sons.  It is very readable – don’t go too fast you will miss genuine nuggets of gold.  Its purpose is to provide sound financial advice to young individuals entering into the workforce.  Gene’s message is a refreshing echo of what all of us need to be reminded of: “live below your means, stay out of debt, control the urge to spend, save consistently, invest wisely, and start early.”

Your college and high school graduates would greatly benefit from this stocking stuffer!


What Others Are Saying—

I have known Tom Tillery for several years and have worked with him on a number of estate planning cases in which Tom has offered objective planning advice without selling any financial products or managing any assets. I have found Tom to be highly professional and knowledgeable in the areas of tax, asset protection, financial planning and estate planning. Tom brings decades of experience to the table and offers creative solutions to address each client’s particular needs and circumstances. As a practicing estate planning attorney, Tom has made my job much easier by overseeing all aspects of a client’s financial life as well as by providing hands on assistance with the implementation of the client’s estate plan. Tom coordinates the services of the attorney, CPA and financial advisor to make sure that no stone has been left unturned when it comes to a client’s financial well being. I highly recommend Tom to assist clients who have complex financial needs as they can greatly benefit from his unique and objective approach.

Attorney, North Carolina

We want to thank you for meeting with us. All things considered this was probably the most productive financial planning meeting per minute that we have ever participated in. Our discussion clarified many of the issues we are concerned about, re-assured us about areas (i.e. property & casualty insurance), and highlighted the issues that we need to be working on.

Consumer, Georgia

Over the years I have known Tom I have introduced him to some of our wealthiest clients. Tom has the ability to have a get to know you conversation with a client and help the client understand the process involved to implement and facilitate their planning objectives. Almost all of these clients have said something to the effect that Tom makes concepts very easy to understand. Understandable to the point where clients are comfortable to move forward with implementation. Another impressive attribute of Toms, is the ability to collaborate with the clients existing advisors. CPA’s , Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, etc, and work with them to advance the clients objectives cost effectively, tax efficiently, and timely. Toms depth of knowledge and expertise is backed up by resourcefulness. If Tom doesn’t know it, he has the resources to tap to vet the topic out at had and it’s alternatives.

Investment Advisor, St. Paul, MN

Tom Tillery Presentation for AICPA PFP